Booking a Corporate Holiday Entertainment package deals!

Holiday entertainment packages deals!

About booking Corporate Holiday Entertainment

Throughout the year, special holidays create opportunities for us to celebrate with our co-workers. If you are planning a memorable holiday party. Let us bring in our search performers to book holiday entertainment. Holidays often serve as reminders of  sharing a fun and exciting . party one for the memory books. Will bring in the Mingle and Jingle to your holiday party with your friends and co- workers in a party setting. Whatever the case, Vegas Concepts has the talent you need for your private or corporate holiday party.

Holiday entertainment
Casino games, Photobooth rentals and DJ service, Digital artist, and more fun.

What to Expect

A complete casino games experiences. You will see true Vegas style equipment, professional  casino dealers. Your event directors will manage our talent performers schedule every thing.  What time DJ’ Service, Photobooth and Caricature artist will arrive to your event. Our directors attention to service and detail make your event perfect. Our talent arrive on time, professionally, and bring excitement to your event. We are willing to travel. We love what we do- and it shows. VCI events are licensed, bonded and insured.


Corporate parties entertainment packages deals: Casino games, DJ service, Photo booth, Photography, Caricature & Digital artist and more.


To commemorate your event, you may wish to include event is to include  to casino games. We provide Vegas showgirls, bond Girls, cigar girls, DJs. We offer traditional photo booths, selfie stations as well as  photography, red carpet arrivals (pink carpet, too!), stanchions, and step and repeats, Flip Books, graffiti walls, photo buttons, key chains, paparazzi , TABC-certified bartenders, servers, valets,  chauffeurs, caterers and more!

Let one of our event directors help your committee plan your next event.

Texas Casino Events & More!

Entertainment packages deals
Casino game and event entertainment package deals.

What to Expect

A complete casino experiences. You will see true regulation Vegas style equipment, professional dealers, and attention to service and detail. We will arrive on time, deal professionally, and bring life to your event. We are willing to travel. We love what we do- and it shows in our work performance. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

Casino events
Casino events and more!
We host any style event in the Dallas Fort Worth


With more than thirty combined years in the hospitality and entertainment and casino business, our management team is well-educated and prepared to deliver awesomeness to you and your guests! We seek to personify our name, VCI Events, in all that we do. What makes our parties unique? Quite simply, you! We recognize that, while we perform on a virtually daily basis, your event may only occur once. You want a vendor who understands this- and will think outside of the “box” to bring a creative and memorable experience to you and your guests.

We have three event planners on staff, and currently manage a staff and  of more than 500. We are able to tend to the smallest detail- and accept parties as small as intimate home parties- up to large corporate conventions. We have several table and dealer options, and can attire our dealers to your specifications as well.

Variety is the spice of life, and we have it here at Vegas Concepts Inc! We offer some things our competition cannot- we have young, vivacious and attractive dealers, as well as the old-school poker-room dealers. We are proud members of the Wounded Warrior Project, and we staff some of our events with servicemen and women who are both active and Veterans. We have a representation of virtually every creed and continent on our staff. Our dealers can speak several languages- so if you have specific dealer requests, please feel free to ask! Every effort will be made to accommodate you!

We have decoration packages available as well giving you virtual one-stop shopping for all of your casino entertainment needs. From replica “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” signs to stackable dice, to mood lighting- we can create just the right atmosphere to recreate your themed event.

One of the many ways you can layer your event is to include details that are customary to casinos. We proudly offer personal table massages while guests play, as well as showgirls, cigar rollers, cigar girls, characters, singers, bands, DJs, impersonators, TABC-certified bartenders, servers, valets, photographers, Go Go Dancers, Bond Girls videographers, chauffeurs, caterers and more!

To commemorate your event, you may wish to include photo booths or photo stations. We offer traditional photo booths as well as green screen photography, 3-D photography, video makers, Flip Books, graffiti walls, photo buttons, key chains,  photography, red carpet arrivals (pink carpet, too!), stanchions, and step and repeats, backgrounds and traditional “prom” photography.

Casino Parties Rentals North Texas
Casino game rentals serving Dallas- Fort Worth tx.

Services Offered : Casino Games, Photo-booth, DJ service, Caricature & Digital Artist, Inflatable games, Cigar rollers, Characters singers, Bands, Bartenders, Photographers, Bond Girls, Showgirls. 

Events is our Games
We host the best events in Dallas -Fort Worth, TX.

Event Packages Deals: Corporate Holiday entertainment packages, Prom & Project Graduation entertainment packages, VIP-Poker tournaments.

Corporate Convention event ideas
Corporate Convention Business entertainment ideas. Event Rentals Dallas – Fort Worth, tx.

We are here to help you and we gladly answer the phone for our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Please let us know how we may be of assistance to you! 972-438-1800



Profitable local charity fundraising ideas

Fundraising Events
Host the most profitable and successful entertainment Fundraiser in the Dallas Fort Worth tx.

Vegas Concepts Inc host a casino parties are popular fundraising events for one very good reason – they make it easy to raise more money. When guests know it’s a casino style event they know it’s going to be fun and festive with all sorts of entertainment. The more guests that RSVP, the more opportunities you have to raise money for your charity.

The ticket price alone often covers the cost of casino night fundraisers in Austin and San Antonio. You go into the event ready to make money! Since a Vegas-style experience is hard to come by in North Texas, a casino party has a cool factor that people don’t mind paying for.

You can also line up sponsorships for the casino tables to raise funds before the party gets started. With a donation an individual or company can set up a sign at a casino table announcing that they’ve sponsored that particular game. Another fun idea is to let the sponsor choose someone to deal a couple of hands during the evening.

The energy that comes with casino games creates the perfect atmosphere for live or silent auctions. Guests are going to keep checking, and raising, their bids so they can win t!he auction!

These are just a few ways our casino games can make your fundraiser a huge success. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you turn your next fundraising event into profitable and successful event.
Call today “Vegas Concepts” 972-438-1800

Texas Hold’em Fundraiser Charity events

♥ How to Host a Charity Fundraiser VIP-Poker Tournament ♥

Your Local Non- profit charity must be a 501 c-3. (Non-Profit)

Each guest will be giving a donation for a seat in the Poker Tournament.

Donation amounts are determined by what your clientele can afford. We suggest $50, $100, $200 per seat for your Tournament.

“Providing Professional VIP-Poker Supplies to the Poker player”

Your charity must be a 501 c-3. Each guest will be giving a donation for a seat in the tournament.

Donation amounts are determined by what your clientele can afford. We suggest $50, $100, $200 per seat for your Tournament.

Vegas Concept’s computer will randomly place your guests at the tables as they register.

After play has begun, the computer moves the blinds up every 7 to 15 minutes for the first hour. The blinds will start at 100/200 and increase every 7 to 15 minutes 200/400, etc.

As this happens, players will be eliminated from the Tournament. Tables are consolidated as we see 3 or less player at any given table.

Customs VIP-Poker Tournament each player starting chip  3,000.00 or  2,500.00 in chips for a three hour tournament.

VIP-Poker Tournament Buy In-  $25, $50, $100, $200 per seat for your Tournament. Additional purchase options Re-buy’s.


Re-buys are 1,500 or 1,250. Re-buy’s should always be one of half of the starting donation. Re-buy’s will be for the first hour only

What we have experience at Fundraisers is that UNLIMITED re-buys give the Tournament a new flare. Basically, a player could pay to win the Tournament. We have raised more money for our charities by allowing unlimited re-buys. You will need to have 2 committee members selling the re-buys along with our Pit Boss.

The first two hours your tournament director will do an eliminations style tournament. The Pit boss will consolidate the tables, move the players. As players they are eliminated drop out of the tournament.

The top 12 players will be at the final table in the last hour. We will give the players a voucher for the total value of their chips at the end of the tow hours. Each player will come to the final table with the amount of chips they had at the end of the first two hours of play. They have to present the voucher to the Pit Boss on the final table to get their chips.

Then as we move your player to a final table progresses, your guests will start rallying for their favorite players. The final table really gets the gallery into hooting and hollering for their favorite players.

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Now Booking Corporate Holiday Dates.

Casino parties dallas fort worth
Corporate Entertainment packages
We offer games and entertainers.
Party Package Deals. holiday party theme ideas.

5 Fun Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

The holiday season is just around the corner which means Christmas and Holiday parties in offices all over the DFW. Unfortunately, for many employees that prospect only brings dread as plenty of these holiday parties are simply woefully dull.  Let us bring in your Entertainment Corporate Holiday Party Ideas.

Casino Parties Rentals North Texas
Casino game rentals serving Dallas- Fort Worth tx.

So if you are on the “party planning committee,” you owe it to your co-workers and indeed yourself to attempt to spice up the dreariness of the average corporate function with a little creativity. It is a splendid thing then that there are plenty of options that can do just that, bringing fun to holidays in the corporate office and making the parties actual celebrations. Casino game, DJ ‘service, Photo-booth digital and caricature artist, in particular, is an excellent way to bring smiles to faces and joy to the event. Let Vegas Concepts events help supply your group with the best entertainers. These fun entertainments bring excitement and fun to your corporate holiday party ideas.

VCI event is known for their holiday entertainment package deals.,

Fun Corporate Holiday Party Ideas on Entertain