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Fundraising ideas by Vegas Concepts

Event Check list for Charity Fundraiser Casino Party

Table Sponsorship

Print 4x6 table tent signs for recognition of sponsors. Vegas Concepts provides table tents for table sponsors. If needed, you may split the cost of a table between two different sponsors. Your table tent signs should have both sponsors’ names listed. The casino party expense is then deducted from the sponsorship proceeds, allowing your organization to cover the party expense or even net a profit!!! This is the most successful approach for non-profit events. Below are additional ways of eliminating additional expenses, therefore increasing revenue for your organization: Food and Beverages:

We suggest having a buffet-style dinner that is available for most of the event, with the casino starting approximately 30 minutes after the buffet opens. You will not need to have a dinner seats available for every single guest as they will eat and socialize at different times. Some guests will immediately go to the gaming tables upon arrival. Call Vegas Concepts for a more detailed explanation of this. Have your event catered and sponsored by local restaurants or restaurant associations. This will free up your organization members to be utilized in other areas, such as raffle ticket sales, chip sales, general questions, and photo opportunities. Remember to acknowledge them in all aspects of your advertizing such as radio spots, newspaper ads, other printed material, etc. NOTE: Vegas Concepts wants your guests walking around, viewing auction items, buying raffle tickets, playing casino games, and all the while socializing. But most of all, we want them spending their money therefore creating income for your organization.

If at all possible have all activities in the same room. This creates excitement in the room and eliminates guests becoming stationary. 1915 Peters Road. Suite 301 Irving, TX 75061 Tel: 817-825-4255

Get Free Advertising and Offer Free Advertising: Get your printing donated by a local printer. Ask for a few seconds on a local city cable channel to promote your event. Utilize social networking sites such as Face book and Twitter. Have members of your organization post a link to your organization’s website on their profile page.

Partner with your sponsors and advertise your event on their website. Utilize press kits and local community calendars. Make tickets available for purchase in advance at participating sponsor locations and on your website. Call Vegas Concepts for more information on how your non-profit organizations can get more publicity. Vegas Concepts has over 20 years’ experience in fundraising and we want to make your event a successful one.

Admission Ticket: This is an additional way of fundraising. We suggest the admission ticket cost should range between $40.00 - $60.00. (This depends on your clientele). The admission ticket will also include the value of 500 - 1,000 in casino chips. The purchasing of additional casino money should be during the event only. The admission ticket just gets them in the door with enough money to start their gaming. Post standard methods of payment such as cash, credit card, etc, on all printed material, and at all cashier tables. Purchasing Casino Money: Guests may purchase casino money (as a donation) from cashier tables or floor walkers. Have your committee members sell chips or chip vouchers at the cashier tables. It is also recommended that committee members walk the floor and be available to sell chips at all times.

The Pit Boss will also initiate fundraising tools at each table throughout the evening. A committee member must be available at all times to accompany the Pit Boss during this special. The Pit Boss: The Pit Boss will need to be informed five minutes before a “Chip Sale” so that he can inform all dealers in the pits that a sale is happening. This will increase the sales because the dealers are preparing their guests to buy. The Pit Boss will show committee members who are selling how to “UTILIZE ALL CASINO PERSONNEL TO INCREASE CHIP SALES.” The easier you make the sale of chips or chip vouchers the more profit you will make.

Professional Showgirls: The girls will open the casino with a CD. The CD introduces that the casino is now open. Then the CD will go into Viva Las Vegas by Elvis, and the Showgirls will do a two-minute dance number. Showgirls may also be utilized as greeters and as chip sale girls. The Showgirls are extremely effective in this area. We have found that guests actively purchase chips from the Showgirls. 2

Prizes: To have a successful fundraiser, you should solicit prizes from businesses or individuals. The bigger the prizes the better response and higher donation you will receive. Ask for sponsorships for table games first. They may prefer to donate an item for auction instead. If you cannot get items donated then you will need to purchase them. Be sure to let your guests know that there will be prizes that they can win and how they can win them. Let your donors know that they will receive free advertising during the event. It is best to display the items in an area specific for viewing and also include their approximate value, as well as business name, address, and telephone number.

Recommended Corporate Business Donation Providers: Six Flags Over Texas, Southwest Airlines, Air Tran, Fun Jet, Adventure Tours Travel Packages, Lone Star Park, Arlington Ball Park, Zales Jewelry, Budweiser, Coors, Miller, Dr Pepper, Frito Lay, Radisson Hotel, Harvey Hotel. Area restaurants, entertainment providers, and locally owned businesses are also suggested in addition to weekend packages at area hotels, autographed sports memorabilia, or sporting event tickets. Additional suggestions for prizes: Taste of Texas Basket: Group restaurant gift cards together, place in a decorated basket, and offer as a basket prize with the total retail value listed on the item description. Spa or Cosmetic Basket: Local independent contractors who sell cosmetics or local establishments that specialize in spa services may wish to donate items such as skin care, facials, and gift certificates. Have them group these into a basket format along with body sponges or pedicure supplies.

Texas Basket: Same as above using coffee mugs, a free newspaper subscription, and anything else “morning-oriented.” Golfing Extravaganza: Use a donated round of golf along with a best selling autobiography of your favorite golfer. Combine this with other golfing items to create a basket suitable for any golfing fan. Be sure and acknowledge all donors appropriately. Local Artists: Have local artists, clothing and jewelry designers, etc., donate an item. This will give them free advertisement for their business! Always list a donor’s given name, business name, address and telephone number on every item sheet, along with the item’s retail value.

Money/Lottery Hat: Buy a straw hat and hot glue money and/or lottery tickets on the hat, $200.00- $500.00 worth. Sell raffle tickets for $20. You can also sell the raffle tickets before the event. The night of the event have a committee person walk around wearing the hat selling raffle tickets. Little Red Wagon: Decorate a child’s little red wagon and fill it with bottles of wine, liqueurs, and other items. Our Showgirls can pull the wagon and offer it as a raffle item or auction item. You can even have a miniature wagon filled with small bottles as a consolation prize! Guests love to buy tickets from our Showgirls.

Silent Auction: Businesses, vendors, and individuals should donate items for a silent auction. Minimum bids need to start at the actual retail value. There should also be a set amount for increases and this should be listed on each item sheet, such as “Raises must be in increments of two dollars or five dollars.” If the fundraising committee purchases items then the item minimum bid should be adjusted accordingly. A set cut off time, method of payment, and place of delivery should always be planned and displayed for all guests to see. If you have a large number of items, stagger the cut off times. This will create a sense of urgency knowing they must get their bid in before that item is shut down. Remember, remind your guests throughout the evening of items on the auction tables and who donated them.

Live Auction: Use big ticket items that have been donated to increase cash revenue after the casino ends by having a live auction. All items must be paid for immediately using the designated method of payment. Thank your donors even after the event is over. This will form a trusted relationship in years to come. Raffle Items Using

Casino Winnings: After the casino closes, your guests will be given two-part raffle tickets wherein they will drop half and keep half. There are two ways to raffle specific prizes after the casino closes: a general raffle with one designated bowl for prizes or individual bowls for individual prizes. You will need a designated person to then pull and call the raffle ticket numbers for each prize won. Money/Lottery Hat: Buy a straw hat and hot glue the money and/or lottery tickets on the hat. $200.00- $500.00 Sell raffle tickets for $5,10,20. You can also sell the raffle tickets before the event. The night of the event have a committee person walk around wearing the hat selling raffle tickets. You will need a different color of raffle tickets from the ones given after casino gaming is over.

Inflatable Money Machine: Sell raffle tickets for a chance to get into the Money Machine for $5,10,20 per ticket. You can use real money or casino money in the machine. To ensure fairness to all participants, impose limits on what they can do while in the machine, such as no bending over or squatting, 10-second time limit, clothing cannot catch the money, and you cannot use the sides of the cube to catch your money.

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