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Typically, a PTA or PTSA will sell tickets in advance for a High School event with a Las Vegas-style evening of entertainment. Known as a variety of names, "Project Graduation", "After Prom" or "Project Celebration". However, most may not be aware that when working with High School students, there is a Texas law all staff members are background checked and will submit to Breathalyzer testing.

Vegas Concepts has pioneered safe Lock-In's and Prom parties for 30 years and would like to share some of our knowledge and make your event fun and safe!

Keys to Success:

Start planning at least six to nine months in advanced, especially if you have to secure vendor contract and background checks for vendors. If you will be asking businesses for donations, give them at least six months of lead-time and avoid approaching them during the holidays. When they will be besieged with requests. “Start way ahead of time,” suggests Jami Bond, Co- Chair of Southlake-Carroll High School's Lock-In sponsored by PTSA from Southlake, TX. “A Project Celebration or Prom Event is not something you can just throw together.”

Promote the event by using your high schools Social Media, Face book page, Twitter and Instagram. Hosting a Safe & Fun High school Lock-In event takes teamwork. Make the event special with casino-themed decorations (check your local party and dollar stores). Select music appropriate for the event whether a DJ or Band. Or hire a full service company to handle all your outside vendor needs and only have one contract to negotiate. Check with local caterers/venues about special pricing on services for these events.

You will need plenty of parent volunteers. We suggest getting junior parents to help since they will be building future class memories the following year. Be sure to have enough helpers so everyone can enjoy the event.

Do’s and Dont's:

Do - Be careful in event date selection. Be attentive to any holidays or other social events that may take away from participation.

Don’t - Guess at the number of games/activities needed. “Organizations tend to underestimate the number of tables,” Debbie Accettura, president of Vegas Concepts Inc. of Dallas, Texas says “A good rule of thumb is to have enough tables or activities so that 80% of your students can play at any given time."

Do - Create turnover at tables and other activities. One of the main challenges at a casino night is to make sure everyone gets a chance to play. That doesn’t happen if people plop down at a game and stay put. Use wristband in a different color for large groups of students if timed "play time" is warranted.

Do - Sell tickets in advance. Penalize students who pay at the door with an increased ticket price to sure a more accurate head count. Accettura says “If you don’t sell out, we offer a 10-day clause in our contract for the casino games and other services ordered to reduce the quantity of equipment ordered. Always confirm with your caterer deadlines for reducing the scope of what you ordered without being charged.”

Don't - Forget about having all safety details of the school/facility. Create an evacuation plan. This may require a meeting with the school/venue's personnel knowledgeable of the safety protocols. Insure that all exits are clearly marked and not blocked during the event.

Do - Hire professional entertainment. Vegas Concepts background checks all their employees, which gives a piece of mind to parents. Vegas Concepts has been doing high school events for 30 years and knows all requirement for vendors working with local ISDs.

Do - Have Fun! Through the midst of the chaos, remember you are creating lasting memories for both students, parents and teachers!

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