Dallas Fort Worth Casino Employee Appreciation Event

DFW  Casino Employee Appreciation Event
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According to a recent article printed by Business News Daily, one way to keep employees happy and motivated is to RECOGNIZE AND REWARD YOUR EMPLOYEES. Close to 10,000 corporate companies choose to have their headquarters in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Many more thousands local companies have also chosen to grow their company in this area. One way that these companies are choosing to reward their employee’s is by hosting an Employee Appreciation Event.

Employee appreciation events should not be underestimated. It is a great way to make your employee’s feel appreciated and to thank them for their work. It is usually a great opportunity for your employee’s to mingle outside of work as well.

If you do it right, you can announce the accomplishment of your company in a fun and creative environment. If you are in the process of planning your next customer appreciation event, here are some tips to help you plan your event.

  • Pick a casino theme: Yes, your employee’s will appreciate a dinner, but this also limits interaction and it is often overused. Why not have hors d’oeuvres and appetizers and have casino equipment? This way, your employee’s can move around and socialize. With the casino equipment you can have a Las Vegas theme, Roaring 20’s, or Casino Royale.
  • Awards and Prizes: Think of what the majority of your employee’s would enjoy getting as a prize. Some people like trophies that they can display in their office while others enjoy more useful gifs, like gift cards to a restaurant. Either way, your employee’s will be happy to receive anything that shows they are appreciated.
  • Plan ahead: Depending on the number of employee’s, think ahead of everything you need to book. Corporate events are very popular around the holidays, which is when there will be more competition for venues, caterers, entertainment, etc. Therefore, prices might be higher and you might run out of options.
  • Know who is coming: Having an accurate count of the guests you are expecting will help you out in the long run. Ask your employee’s to RSVP, and if they are allowed to bring guests, include them as well. It’s okay to spend money on a nice event, but you don’t want to waste money by hosting an event that people don’t show up to.
  • Have a script: Many people can “wing it” when it comes to speaking in front of people. However, you don’t want to have an embarrassing moment where you forget what you say or stumble on your words. If you are presenting awards, write what you will say ahead of time.
  • Leave the boring business talk at work: Your guests are there to have fun. Keep it light by going over important topics and keeping presentations as short as possible.
  • Get Feedback: After the event, send out an email asking about their opinions on what went well, what areas you could improve in and ask for ideas for the next year. People are also more likely to be honest when speaking their ideas through email.

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Dallas Fort Worth Project Graduation Lock In’s Safe fun party

Dallas Fort Worth Casino Parties by Vegas Concepts INC.

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How to Host a safe and Fun Project Graduation or Prom Parties and Lock In’s

Typically, PTA or PTSA sell tickets in advance for a High School Theme event with a Las Vegas-style evening of games specializing in this type of event. “Our professional staff will insist in teaching students on the game.” When working with High school students there is a Texas law all staff members are background checked and will submit to Breathalyzer testing.

PTA or PTSA casino nights in the Dallas Fort Worth area High Schools Lock In. “Vegas Concepts has pioneered safe Lock In’s and Prom parties for 28 years.”

Keys to Success

Start planning at least six to nine months in advanced, especially if you have to secure vendor contract and background checks for vendors. If you will be asking businesses for donations, give them at least six months of lead-time and avoid approaching them during the holidays. When they will be besieged with requests. “Start way ahead of time,” Jami Bond Co- Chair of Southlake Carroll High Schools Lock In sponsored by PTSA from Southlake TX. “ Project celebration or Prom Event is not something you can just throw together.”

Promote the event by using your high schools Social Media, Face book page, Twitter, Instagram. Hosting a Safe & Fun High school Lock In event. Make the event special with casino-themed decorations (check your local party and dollar stores), music (hire a full service company to handle all your out side vendor needs. or recruit a parent to get food donated or purchase at Sam’s or Cost.

You will need plenty of parent volunteers. We suggest getting junior parent to help since they will be building future class memories. Be sure to have enough helpers so they can rotate out to enjoy the games themselves.

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t “Organizations tend to underestimate the number of tables,” Debbie Accettura Says, president of Vegas Concepts Inc. Dallas Texas “A good rule of thumb is to have enough tables so that 80% of your student can play at any one time.

Do create turnover at tables. One of the main challenges at a casino night is to make sure everyone gets a chance to play. That doesn’t happen if people plop down at a game and stay put. Use wristband in different color for a group of students.

Do sell tickets in advance. Penalize students who pay at the door increase your ticket price ” Accettura says. “If you don’t sell out, we offer a 10-day cause in our contract for the casino games and other service order to reduce the size of equipment ordered. Reduce your food order or contact your caterer and reduce the scope of what you ordered.”

Top 5 Ways To Increase Profits

  1. Secure sponsors for each table. “You can pay for a casino night almost exclusively with table sponsorships,” Debora Accettura by Vegas Concepts INC. We offer several Lock In ideas: Casino games, Inflatable games and Photo booth rentals, DJ’s service.
  2. PTA or PTSA sell your sponsorships $100 and up, with sponsor names on a signage on the casino table.
  3. Get creative with promoting sponsors. Let the staff for your games wear sponsor logo T- Shirts. To promote a local company that pays a set price for this prominent advertisement.
  4. Raise your ticket prices. “They need to be relatively expensive, $25 to $65 per student, though it depends on your demographics,” Debora Accettura
  5. Add another fundraising activity. Make a silent and a live auction part of the evening.
  6. Sell drinks, if permitted. Beverages can often be a high-profit item.


New and Trendy

This year one of our PTA and PTSA in Benbrook High TX.. Host a Texas Hold’em Poker tournament we suggest pricing per seat $25,50,75,100.

We have hosted successful fundraising ideas for your parent groups. Post events on your Social Media this will increase ticket sales.

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How to host a Casino night Fundraiser


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How to host a Casino Night Fundraiser


Hosting a Casino night can be a great fundraising idea. You can bring in people from all walks of life. People also enjoy competing and mostly importantly, winning. Therefore, donors might be more willing to donate money in a casino setting because they are having fun, want to win big and they know its going towards a good cause. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your next Casino Night Fundraiser.

Set your goal: You know you want to make money but you need to have a number in mind. As easy as it sounds, remember to maximize your revenue and minimize your expenses. You don’t want to spend too much money in the actual event to where you’re losing money.


Tickets: Sell tickets ahead of time and price them accordingly.

Example of how you can find the price of tickets:

Take the amount of total expenses (entertainment, venue, food, drinks and any other services you are paying for) and divide by it by the number of guests attending.

Food and Drinks: Have popular food and drink items but try to keep the price as low as possible. You want them to feel like the ticket price was worth it but you don’t want to spend money on a glamorous banquet.

Casino Games: Give your attendee’s funny money, enough so they don’t feel short changed but not too much where they won’t want to continue buying. Have a designated station where they can purchase funny money and also walk around and make it easy for donors to find you.

Table sponsorship: Have at least one table sponsor for each casino table. They can have their logo displayed or even have small gifts available like stress balls, coupons or pens. The more they can display their businesses name, the more likely they are to donate and do it again the following year. Try to have enough sponsors so that your cost to rent the casino equipment is covered. It will be mutually beneficial for you and the business.

Live auction and Silent auction: Have auction items that people will genuinely enjoy and it is best to go out to your community to ask for donated items. If you’re doing a live auction try to have large items and try to keep the auction short.

Theme: Try to bring in other things to go along with your casino theme. “Show girls” and Elvis impersonators are usually huge hits. Have balloons, streamers and other decorations but don’t stress out about decorations too much. Donations if possible however, prioritize a table sponsorship donation ahead of a prop donation almost every time.

If you need help planning your next event, email us at [email protected] or call us at 972-438-1800. You can also find additional information on our website: www.vegasconcepts.com


Casino Games

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Party Fest 2015 gave vendors an opportunity to showcase the new products they have to offer. From green screen photo booths to caricature artists, the room was filled with both traditional and new forms of entertainment. There is no excuse to have a dull, boring event anymore with all the options that are offered to our clients!


Photo Booths:imgres-5


In an age where most of our pictures are taken on our phone and hardly ever printed out, many clients are looking for photo booths. If you have the budget, I would highly recommend some of the newer, high tech photo booths, which can create a buzz at your event. If your budget doesn’t allow it, a traditional photo booth will do the trick! At the end of the day, your attendees will still love striking a pose.

The first photo booth I saw was one where you would go up to the touchscreen and pick a character. The character I chose was a girl that looked like she came from “Jersey Shore” (the owner said that was his favorite character which is why I picked her). A video was then played with your character telling you to do six different poses. Mine included a photo of me fist bumping, crossing my arms and making silly faces.


The next photo booth I went to was actually inside of an older but very pretty Volkswagen. They said because of its size, they sometimes take it indoors too! This is something I had never seen before and I loved the vibe that it created.

DFW local vendors
Dallas Fort Worth Party Ideas and Local Vendors


Digital Graffiti, who knew such thing existed? There is a green screen where you can take a picture and with the magical graffiti can, you can make a design on the background. This would be a great option for younger crowds.


images-10 images-11


Flipbooks are something that are making a comeback. About 50 flipbooks can be printed per hour, which is incredibly fast for the quality that you’re getting. They can also customize the cover, adding your logo or a picture to fit your theme. Flipbooks can illustrate your event.



If pictures aren’t really your thing, you can bring in a “Slow motion Video Lounge.” In the video lounge, you have a crew recording you dancing, jumping or doing any other playful movements. 15 minutes after, a video is emailed to you. Music is added to your video and it is now in slow motion. You can then share this on Facebook, twitter or any other social media outlets you use. I love that each video is unique to you; the crew puts in a lot of work to make your video stand out.



Caricature Drawings:

imgres-3images-5 images-3

If you do not take yourself too serious, your photo can be twisted and turned into an animated version of you. Although I enjoyed watching the artists “twist” other people’s photo, I left with a print of a very scary and creepy looking me. It definitely brought a crowd together though. 

Vogue Fashion Sketches were very pretty drawings of you. The artist pays close attention to detail and I like the small hints of color that are added to the black and white drawing.

Although I had seen the butt sketch artists and caricature artists before, I think they are worth mentioning. These artists have been in the business for a very long time yet they never disappoint with their drawings. I have started my collection of caricature drawings and it is fun to see how other people see you (and draw you).







Lip Print Ready was probably one of my favorite new things that I have seen. A small lipstick is given to you to kiss a small piece of paper and they then read it. They go over your personality, home, and relationships. Although I am pretty hesitant about these things because they can be so vague, it was so much fun and mine was actually pretty accurate. However, I do think that the only drawback is that it has a limited audience, I think of this as entertainment for a bachelorette party, girl’s night, or baby shower (but I think that’s their target audience anyways).

If you want to indulge your sense of smell, you can mix different combinations of fragrances to make your own lotion or cologne. Partygoers leave with a customized blended fragrance unique to them. If you can’t think of what you want to mix, they will help you create something you will like.



What never gets old:

images-7images-6 images-9images-8images-14

Casino themes never go out of style. Casino entertainment can be brought in for any type of occasions, whether it be a fundraiser, corporate party or birthday party. The casino games are interactive and allow your guests to socialize with each other while playing. It is also fairly easy find decorations and even food that goes with your theme!

Overall, PartyFest was a great experience and I was left in awe with everything that the Dallas/Fort Worth area has to offer.

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We have been doing events in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area for over 30 years! Whether it be a fundraiser, High school party, corporate event or birthday party, we can help make your next event unforgettable!

2015 Party Feast Ideas



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Dallas Fort Worth Casino Parties

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Have you planned your 2014 Holiday Party?

Vegas Concepts is the only full-service Event Planner in the Dallas Fort Worth Area in casino party’s. We have been serving the DFW area since 1985. Vegas Concepts specializes in casino entertainment. Vegas equipment. We staff our events with professional, friendly dealers. In addition to table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps, we offer Texas Hold’em, Blackjack tournaments, and numerous variations of Poker. DJ’s and entertainer pricing available.

Vegas Concepts has provided holiday entertainment for such companies as Southwest Airlines, North Texas Automobile Dealerships for their employees holiday parties. Club Corp properties country clubs call on us to provide entertainment for their clients. We present exciting Las Vegas-style entertainment and Holiday entertainment and events.

Vegas Concepts frequently collaborates with such venues as Cowboys Stadium, Texas Motor Speedway, Studio Movie Grills, Hyatt DFW, Fort Worth & Dallas Omni and Arlington Convention Centers to deliver premier casino entertainment

Vegas Concepts has a proven record in the Dallas Fort Worth area for successful events. Visit our website at www.vegasconcepts.com for more information about our services, fundraising ideas and suggestions for casino parties.

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