Profitable local charity fundraising ideas

Fundraising Events
Host the most profitable and successful entertainment Fundraiser in Dallas / Fort Worth .

Vegas Concepts Inc host a casino parties are popular fundraising events for one very good reason – they make it easy to raise more money. When guests know it’s a casino style event they know it’s going to be fun and festive with all sorts of entertainment. The more guests that RSVP, the more opportunities you have to raise money for your charity.

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History of Project Graduations

graduation cake

This is the season of Prom’s and Project Graduation’s for Vegas Concepts and we wanted to share how meaningful these events are. Project Graduation first began in Maine around 20 years after a terrible accident that impacted a small community. 18 teenagers died in an alcohol related highway crash. In an effort to prevent this accident from happening in the future, parents and school officials decided to create a an event called “Project Graduation” or “Project Celebration.”

This event would offer the graduating seniors a space where they could celebrate with their friends in an alcohol/drug free environment. Eventually it caught on in Texas. Most high schools in Dallas and Fort Worth now have these types of events!

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Dallas Fort Worth Project Graduation Lock-Ins Safe fun party

imgres-4How to Host safe and Fun Project Graduations, Prom Parties and Lock-In’s

Typically, PTA or PTSA sell tickets in advance for a High School Theme event with a Las Vegas-style evening of games specializing in this type of event. “Our professional staff will insist in teaching students on the game.” When working with High school students there is a Texas law all staff members are background checked and will submit to Breathalyzer testing.

PTA or PTSA casino nights in the Dallas Fort Worth area High School Lock Ins. “Vegas Concepts has pioneered safe Lock In’s and Prom parties for 28 years.”

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How to Host a Casino Night Fundraiser

How to host a Casino Night Fundraiser

Hosting a Casino night can be a great fundraising idea. You can bring in people from all walks of life. People also enjoy competing and mostly importantly, winning. Therefore, donors might be more willing to donate money in a casino setting because they are having fun, want to win big and they know its going towards a good cause. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your next Casino Night Fundraiser.

Set your goal: You know you want to make money but you need to have a number in mind. As easy as it sounds, remember to maximize your revenue and minimize your expenses. You don’t want to spend too much money in the actual event to where you’re losing money.

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Tips on safe High School Lock-In’s

high school events

Proms, Project Graduations and Lock-ins are usually memorable highlights of a student’s high school years. These events allow students to spend time with their friends before they start the next chapter in their life after graduation. Students are stressing out about what they are going to wear or with whom they are going to go with in the days leading up to their high school party. On the other hand, the parents of these students are the ones stressing out about the PLANNING of the event. Debbie Accettura, Owner of Vegas Concepts, is no newbie in the industry. With years of experience backing her up, she shares some tips to make sure your high school parties run smoothly.

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Safe High School Lock-In’s

high school event

Time to start planning your after Graduation and Prom parties. We can host any type of themed party. Las Vegas-style themed parties have a special appeal and Vegas Concepts has provided this type of service for over twenty-seven years. We can offer your school a complete Las Vegas-style package at a reasonable price.

Let us share our 29 years of high school Lock In knowledge. We pioneered the safe high school lock-in and we can provide your school with background checks in a timely manner as well as breath analysis the night of the event.

We know that you entrust your children with our staff and we subscribe to sober. Because we are the only company that has background checked staff. Vegas concepts has been hosting safe project graduation lock In’s, and after prom parties. Yes we are a casino company we are a full-service event planning company we bring in quality certified vendors. We can provide your high school with guitar hero, rock band, karaoke, Wii games, interactive green screen, photo-booth, inflatable games, caricature artist, candy/ice cream station, which comes with management team includes event manager and load crew. Games and activities, we can transform any high school into an after prom with hours. We also provide suggestive venue ideas, we help you throughout the year solicit your fundraisers, and we can provide school fundraising ideas throughout the year.

Vegas Concepts is an approved Emerging Business for the North Texas Super Bowl, HUB-Certified by the State of Texas, and a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise.

At Vegas Concepts, we know you are looking not only for a fun but also a safe way to make the best memories possible for your graduating students. We join in supporting a sober and drug-free
after Graduation and Prom Party environment. Therefore, all our employees coming to your event will be ready to submit to an entrance breathalyzer analysis. Upon request, we can provide information for you to run criminal background checks on all dealers.

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