Frequently Asked Questions

I thought casinos were illegal in Texas. Are we breaking the law to have a casino party?

No. Our events are perfectly legal because we do not play for ‘real’ money. We provide you with ‘funny money’ that you give to your guests. They exchange that for an equivalent amount of chips that can be used at any table. At the close of the casino, players exchange the chips they have won for raffle tickets. Raffle prizes and distribution of them are handled by your organization after the casino closes. If you do not wish to supply prizes, then players can simply walk up to the tables and ‘just play for fun’. At the close of the casino, players turn in their chips and have bragging rights regarding their winnings.

How long does a party last?

Vegas Concepts can offer you 3-hour and 4-hour events. Clients be careful–this should be outside the time allocated for dinner, awards, presentations, and other activities that might take place during your event. Casino play normally ends 10-15 minutes before the designated ‘close’ time in order to allow time for players to exchange their chips for raffle tickets.

Do I get a refund if the party ends early?

No. All of our events are based upon a 3-hour minimum event. Times are agreed upon and a contract is signed before the event takes place.

What if I want to extend the party at the last minute?

You may extend your party for an additional hour for 30% of the contract price.

What games do you offer?

Vegas Concepts offers all of the popular casino games, i.e., blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, and several types of poker including Texas Hold’em, 3-Way, 3-Card, Let It Ride, and Caribbean Stud. We can also run blackjack or poker tournaments for you. We also have Red Dog and a Wheel of Fortune available. In addition, we have a number of ‘carnival games’ such as our very own Inflatable Cash Cube (always a hit with high school students and employee appreciation events), and Wheel of Fortune.

How many tables should I have?

Vegas Concepts has a formula for determining the optimal number of tables that takes into account the number of guests and the size of your venue. We have found that normally not everyone will choose to participate in the casino, so you don’t really need to have a seat for every guest. No sense paying for tables that won’t be occupied. We have found that 80% of your guests will participate in the casino.

Also, let us know if you are having other activities such as dancing, silent auctions, or photo stations during your event. This will also help determine how many casino tables will be needed for your group.

When do you set up and take down the equipment?

Vegas Concepts’ staff will coordinate our set up time with your prior to your guests’ arrival. We will strike the room and load out as soon as feasible at the end of the event.

How much does it cost?

The cost is based upon a number of factors, including the number and type of tables that you have at your event, whether or not your event is longer than 3 hours, and whether or not it is located within the DFW metroplex. Once all of these questions are answered, Vegas Concepts can provide you with a price quote. Our rates are very competitive, but entertaining your guests is priceless!

How far in advance do I need to book my party?

Vegas Concepts will do its best to accommodate your needs no matter when you contact us. We have a large supply of equipment and staff. We can staff multiple events on the same night. It is very rare that we have to turn down events due to lack of resources, but obviously, the sooner you know the date of your event, the better it is to guarantee availability. Holiday-December premium dates, Friday and Saturday nights, are the most in demand and 3 to 6 months is not too early to guarantee availability. Clients don’t forget that your venues also get booked early during the holiday season. April-June Prom and Graduation season is also a premium time of year.

What if my guests don’t know how to play? Will they have fun at a casino party?

Yes. Our professional, friendly dealers are skilled and more than willing to teach their games to your clients. It’s a great time for people to learn and practice because “it’s not real money!”

Where should I have my party?

You will need a space large enough to accommodate the number of tables you are planning to have. Vegas Concepts has guidelines to help determine if your proposed area will be large enough. Since we are a full-service event planner, we can also suggest suitable venues in your area. Events can be indoors or outdoors, but outdoor events need a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

Will you travel outside the DFW metroplex?

Yes, but there may be an extra charge.

Will you come to my house? If so, does it cost extra?

Yes, we will come to your house. There is no extra charge as long as you live within the DFW metroplex.

Is there a minimum number of tables I must have?


Can I just rent the equipment from you?

Yes. However, not our entire inventory is available for rental.

How does a fundraiser work?

Vegas Concepts is well known for its ability to help non profit groups raise money for their causes. This is where VCI’s knowledge and expertise comes into play when you hire us as your casino company. VCI will meet with your committee to go over timelines, discuss the layout of your event, and your expectations. When hiring VCI, we bring 35 years’ of fundraising experience to the table. There are five different ways to make money during a casino event. Let us show you how to maximize your fundraising efforts

Do you do prom and graduation parties? I’m concerned about the safety of the high school students.

Yes. Vegas Concepts hosts a number of Project Graduation and ‘Lock-down’ events every year. All of our dealers at the prom parties have passed a criminal background check as required by Texas state law. VCI staff is prepared to pass a breathalyzer test when they enter the event. Vegas Concepts wants to be sure that your students have a safe, fun and memorable event and our dealers reflect that desire. They will help students learn the various games if they don’t already know how to play.

Do you have decorations?

Yes. Let Vegas Concepts provide you with props and rental ideas to make your next party. We can customize your event in any way from oversized cards and dice to fine linens and centerpieces.

Do you offer any other services besides standard casino games?

Yes. Vegas Concepts is a full-service event planner, so we offer much more than just casino games. We can provide DJ services, and photo booths and showgirls, decorations, to name a few. We also offer inflatables, caricature artists, billiards pool tables, color illustrations, inflatables, and a flipbooks which are great additions to your high school or prom event.

Ask about our inflatable cash cube for your next event!

How do you train your dealers?

A number of our dealers have previously worked in ‘real’ casinos. We conduct in-house training sessions for all new dealers to ensure the best possible quality. Dealers must be individually certified for each game that they deal.

Should I tip the dealers?

Although tipping the dealers is not required, it is certainly appreciated as it is elsewhere in the service industry. Our dealers are all friendly and outgoing and they work very hard to ensure that your guests have an enjoyable casino experience. Dealers are allowed to accept cash tips but they will not have ‘tip jars’ on the tables. Sometimes guests at fundraisers and social events will tip the dealers at the end of the casino. If you wish, you may add an amount earmarked as ‘tip’ to the final payment for the event. The customary tip is 15% to 20% of the total event invoiced amount.