Mark Tyler

Events Load Crew Manager

Hard-working and responsible logistics professional with 10 years experience in managing  warehouses and storerooms. Team oriented and safety conscious. I am keen to apply my organizational skills to a dynamic warehouse, logistics, distribution and inventory team.

Adam Randall

Event Director

With over 17 years of events management experience, Adam uses his talents of creativity, and flexibility to help clients produce exceptional corporate, private and fundraising events. His attention to detail means that events transition smoothly from concept to completion, while always maintaining an upbeat, can-do attitude. As event director, he specializes in customer service that nurtures positive, productive relationships with both clients and venues.

Vicki Stanley

Professional Staffingagent/ Trainer/ Casino Dealer

Vicki has been working for Vegas Concepts more than 10 years. She began as a blackjack dealer and after learning to deal all the games, she became a pit boss. Vicki was an instructor during her professional career and really enjoys teaching. She wrote the training manuals currently in use at Vegas Concepts and teaches classes for new and current dealers whenever she is available. She also books the dealers for all the events throughout the year. Although Vicki was a dealer at Winstar World Casino, she says she prefers dealing for Vegas Concepts. “As a true house dealer, it’s much less painful to take a player’s 2,000 ‘pretend’ money than a player’s $5 ‘real’ money!”, she confesses. “I enjoy teaching new players the strategies of the various games and I hope they leave my table having had fun and having learned something in the process!”

Stan Mills

Casino Pit Boss / Casino Trainer
With 20+ years as a pit boss and Craps dealer for Vegas Concepts, Stan is not slowing down. "My passion is Fundraisers. Being capable of assisting our local charity clients with increased donations and making their events more profitable for a good cause, makes me happy!" Stan is called a pit manager or a gaming supervisor and oversees operations on the casino floor. He spends much of his time circulating among the tables entertaining customers while ensuring everyone plays by the rules. A certified professional casino dealer and professional trainer, Stan, is responsible for overseeing training of the VCI team.
An avid MLB Fan, with a full-time career in Food and Beverage Management that began 30 years ago, Stan utilizes his social and professional skills to bring "Fun" to your event!

Debora Accettura

Vegas Concepts / President

Debora Accettura is a seasoned veteran in the Casino Entertainment industry serving the Dallas Fort Worth area. She oversees the operations and Sales of the business.

We have the pleasure of working with Fortune 500 companies to High School After Prom & Project Graduation committee members.

We focus on safe and fun high school project graduation and prom events. My passion in helping local charity's develop successful and profitable Fundraisers. These events will benefit the Dallas- Fort Worth community. Favorite game the Roulette table.


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